UCT students ignite Catholic girl school to stand against racism and classism

Springfield Convent High School was urged by students to change the school environment to be more inclusive of minorities.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 22.50.52.pngimage source: Gareth Heüer. 16 October, 2015.

Cape Town – Six ex-pupils of Springfield Convent High School, who are currently UCT students, spoke to the matric class of 2016 in August 2016 about how the school had prepared them for university. However, the UCT students mainly spoke about how the private, all-girls’ school had never prepared them for the social aspects of life outside of Springfield and specifically addressed how minorities within the school, mainly women of colour, felt that their identity wasn’t accepted or included within the environment. This mobilised the current students to demand drastic change from school authorities and to confront the ignored racism and classism within the institution.  Continue reading


The patriarchy is killing our schoolboys

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From the time boys start primary school, they start feeling the need to shape their masculinity, make their stand, and set their place amongst the many other little boys surrounding them. In many cases, a desire for some authority over the rest of the group is instilled, and if not so extreme, a desire to be popular or be liked is established. Hegemonic Masculinity and Toxic Masculinity begin to form a relationship in the upbringing of many boys in same-sex schools. However, this has proven to have a destructive and deadly effect on the boys growing up in these environments.

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