The New Monarchy: Their Crowns, Their Kweendom, Their Hair

Meet Megan and Natalie, co-founders of @KapeKweendom, students in their final year of high school, public figures of pride for natural hair, and already stirring up storms in teacups. This best friend pair aims on “sprinkling magic everywhere” by “loving the crown you’re in” according to their popular Instagram page.


Natalie (right) and Megan (left) spent the afternoon with me teaching me how to care for my natural hair, all the while falling deeper in love with it.

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Meditation & Yoga: a restorative step forward

A primary school in West Baltimore, Maryland has gotten it right. Robert W. Coleman Elementary School has introduced meditation and yoga as an alternative form of discipline to practice mindfulness, teach good habits to children, and create healthy relationships, not only between students, but with teachers as well, creating a harmonious school environment with blissful students in them.


Students practicing meditation and yoga.

image source: Holistic Life Foundation

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