The New Monarchy: Their Crowns, Their Kweendom, Their Hair

Meet Megan and Natalie, co-founders of @KapeKweendom, students in their final year of high school, public figures of pride for natural hair, and already stirring up storms in teacups. This best friend pair aims on “sprinkling magic everywhere” by “loving the crown you’re in” according to their popular Instagram page.


Natalie (right) and Megan (left) spent the afternoon with me teaching me how to care for my natural hair, all the while falling deeper in love with it.

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Whose Life Orientation is it?

Investigating South Africa’s infamous Life Orientation textbook that gets students, past and present, riled up. Students share what they want out, what they want in, and what confuses them to the core.


The FOCUS grade 12 Life Orientation textbook has been studied by students since 2013.

My curiosity for the Life Orientation (LO) textbook started in 2014. I was still in high school and a peer, Emma Garschagen, brought my attention to the frightening realities of a textbook my grade had barely opened. Sexism and harmful gender stereotypes littered the pages of our FOCUS grade 11 Life Orientation textbook. Emma came to an accurate summary of the stereotypes presented: “women are victims who need to be helped, and men are never abused or weaker than women.” Continue reading